Monday, March 29, 2010


No book review today! As if any Jew today has the wherewithall to open a book not titled Hagadah, anyway. If you happen to have a minute or two between cleaning and monitoring your matzah balls as they bob in the broth (Actually, my mother-in-law swears by cooking them in chicken broth, despite the fact that quarts of stock get "muddied" with matzah ball starch and are therefore wasted. As much as I trust her kitchen tips, it's hard for me to put "stock" into this suggestion; She hasn't made matzah balls in decades. (Sorry, Mom.) Mine, if I may say so myself, come out delicious when boiled in water straight from the tap.) then consider checking out the thought provoking links below.

Yesterday's New York Times had a lovely article about the newly instituted White House Seder, which is actually not an official function but an uber-casual, cobbled-together affair.

In today's Jewish World Review, Jonathan Tobin delves deeper. At first blush the White House Seder struck me as inclusive and open-hearted, but now I'm left ambivalent, pondering what the event, or the article about the event, really means. Food (kosher for Passover, of course) for thought.

As I write, I can hear my mother-in-law's voice as she speaks to no one but herself, finishing up her standard three hour long morning "toilet", in the upstairs kids' bathroom. Downstairs, my father, now eighty-five, practices piano. He decided to teach himself to play two years ago in an attempt to stave off the brain atrophy that creeps up when one enters his eight decade. His repertoire includes Fur Elise, Someday My Prince Will Come, and an assortment of Christmas carols. Right now, he's playing Jingle Bells. As he dings out the melody, the bass, provided by his left hand, never moves from a single note, a low C.

Yes, I complain, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Enjoy Passover!

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