Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Matzo Ball Heiress, by Laurie Gwen Shapiro

It's such a busy time of year. As my friend just reminded me, sometimes you just need something that's pure fun, and I think that's doubly true right now when we're all rushing around like maniacs. The premise of The Matzo Ball Heiress is just that. It's delicious, in a non-nutritive, Cap'n Crunch-y way (although that stuff isn't kosher for Passover. For all I know it isn't kosher any other time of the year, either.)

Enjoy Heather Greenblotz's travails as an irreverent, intelligent young woman, daughter of a matzo dynasty as she deals with said family, each one as laden with issues as matzo ball soup is with matzo balls. (And who decided the word matzo ends with the letter "o"? Is there anybody out there actually pronouncing it matzO?)

A friend sent me this link to a youtube video of a tour of Streit's matzah factory. Streit's matzah is my favorite for everyday Passover use. Their family-run matzah business, generations old, is a great non-fiction version of the whimsical story above.
Click here: YouTube - Martha Stewart's Streit's Tour

If you've never taken the plunge and purchased "real" shmura matzah (ha!) from the Lubavitchers, I highly recommend it. Can't get it at the stores, gotta deal with the actual bearded guy or bewigged Rebettzin. This stuff is "watched" from the time the wheat is harvested until the time of packaging. Every time I bite into the burnt, crackly stuff, I get a picture of a little, old, gray-bearded rabbi, sitting in a folding chair out in the wheat field, making sure not a drop of moisture "traifs" up the wheat. The Lubavitchers, although uber-observant, go about their "business" of uniting, inviting and welcoming each and every Jew in their own unique way. The addition of their shmura matzah always brings a little something extra to my Seders.

Happy and Kosher Passover to all!

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